ADHD Group Counselling


Is school exhausting for your child?

Is your child sometimes misunderstood by peers or teachers?

Does your child receive grades lower than you know they are capable of?

Do you notice your child going from calm to agitated very quickly?

Full Day ADHD Group Counselling Summer Sessions For Junior High and High School Students

ADHD Group Counselling will help participants:

  • implement strategies that work!
  • learn about how ADHD impacts the brain
  • manage difficult emotions
  • create organization systems for home and school
  • increase motivation to use strategies to make things easier
  • feel supported in their challenges as they connect with others

Session content and delivery will be engaging, individualized, and geared towards facilitating interest for your child. This will NOT be like a day of school. 

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Sarah has over 20 years experience helping people work through challenges associated with ADHD:

  • As a teacher, she ran programs for students with ADHD, helping students with organizational and study skills
  • Sarah advocated for students with ADHD within the school community
  • In her counselling practice, Sarah has worked with many children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD, helping not just with organizational and learning strategies, but also struggles with social issues and emotional regulation
  • Sarah loves working with parents of children with ADHD to help the parents implement strategies to support their children
  • Sarah has provided many seminars on ADHD for parents, students, and teachers
  • Sarah continues to provide professional development training for teachers in this area.

Sarah grew up in a home with siblings who were diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities and learned how to support them in a variety of ways, often acting as the resident tutor.

Now, the mother of a teen with ADHD, Sarah implements a variety of strategies and best practices for working with and overcoming challenges of ADHD in her own home. Watching those she loves struggle with the obstacles created by ADHD has created a passion in Sarah for helping others with ADHD.

She continues to update her own understanding of ADHD by attending workshops, reading books and articles, and following the latest research in the field. 


Your child will come home knowing:

  • Not just how the ADHD brain works, but how their ADHD brain works
  • What executive functions are and in which of these areas they require strategies and support
  • Where organization falls apart for them and what they can do about it
  • Strategies for regulating emotions. And, they will be able to teach these strategies to the rest of the family
  • What they want out of the coming school year and how they can achieve their goals
  • When and how to ask for ADHD-specific support

At the end of the session, you won’t need your child to recap what they did, because they will bring home a duotang of materials that will explain what they did and how strategies can be applied in the home, at school, and with friends.